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Grove Presbyterian Church

332 Bloom Street
Danville, Pennsylvania 17821
(located opposite the Memorial Park on the main road between Danville downtown and Geisinger)

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office phone:  570-275-0692
pastor's office phone:  570-275-1965



A Hello from the Pastor, Robert John Andrews

We are glad you found us.  People often tell me we have a beautiful church.  I like to reply by saying, “Yes, they are.”  Come and see for yourself.   Information about our worship services can be found below after Bob's Rules.


What's Happening this Sunday:
   March 29 -- and the question for the day is:  What was it like being the son of God?  Well, given we have confirmation class, they can tell us. 

Bible View:   Our texts to help frame our discussion come from Isaiah 42 and Mark 1.  We hear one of the song of the suffering servants and hold it up to the baptism of Jesus and sonship. 

A Word about Our Worship Services

We worship every Sunday morning. 

From Labor Day weekend through Memorial Day weekend Grove offers two services of worship: the 8:30 Early Service and the 11 AM Service of Worship

From Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend,  we combine these services into the one 9:30 AM service of worship.

The Early Service is a simpler service, more intimate, shorter, and less formal than the 11 AM service.  Communion by intinction (coming forward to the table to dip bread in the cup of juice) happens every Sunday at the 8:30 service. 

The 11 AM service features the choir, church organ, and traditional hymns.  The service follows the three-fold pattern common among Reformed Churches:  Preparation for the Word, Proclamation of the Word, Response to the Word.  Communion, which is served by the elders to worshipers in the pews, happens every first Sunday.  Stained Glass

Nursery is available during summer hours and the 11 AM service (more for the relief of the parents -- we love the kids making noise in the sanctuary).

Rules for Congregations and Pastors by Robert John Andrews

Begged, borrowed, stolen, discovered….

At our home, we’re big NCIS fans.  Love Gibb’s rules, such as always carry a knife.  I’ve got mine.   I also have my Church and Pastor rules…some of my own, most appropriated from lots of varied sources….

Bob’s Rules for Congregations:

1. You cannot change the past, you can only change you
2. You’ll never get justice in this world, ain’t going to happen
3. Why do too many who are religious love God by hating everyone else?  Religious folk need to get a sense of humor
4. If you hate those who hate, you’re worshipping them, not God
5. You can only defeat negatives with positives, never by more negatives
6. We’re in the redemption business, not the punishment business
7. God is a verb, never a noun (my pastor said this in confirmation class 45 years before The Shack was ever written)
8. If you want to be warm, stand near the fire
9. Wherever you find truth you find God, and truth isn’t some kind of prize
10. Truth is nice, but without charity truth is an idol
11. People don’t do evil on purpose, they do it because they think they are right
12. Things never are sacred, people are
13. You are like what you like
14. Do you really think your sin is bigger than God’s grace?  Are you that proud?
15. We err by focusing on outcomes rather than our source
16. Is what you think important today going to be important on your deathbed?
17. That someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they lack integrity
18. Stop spewing toxins by stop sucking them up
19. Jesus doesn’t offer an ideology or an idea or a cause, he offers himself
20. Jesus is present tense
21. Your religion is a means to something far more important

Now, Andrews’ Rules for Pastors (I’ll save Rule #1 for last):

2. It takes 7 years before a pastorate is cost-efficient
3. 4 years before you have established credibility
4. You work for God, not the institution
5. First year?  Shut up and listen
6. Don’t worry about right answers, ask right questions
7. Tolerance isn’t enough
8. Love isn’t enough
9. Ordination is not a right
10. You probably weren’t God’s first choice either
11. Stop selling yourself or them a false bill of goods – trust and use who you are, not who are aren’t
12. You’re not good at everything
13. That was a good sermon, Bob, but so what?
14. They know what, preach how
15. Pastor, you have such a lovely church.  Yes they are.
16. Can’t fight negatives with negatives, only positives
17. When you get tired of talking about God, try talking with God
18. Be ready to discard cherished presumptions
19. Never get caught in a corner
20. If you’re worried about losing your job, you’re in the wrong business
21. What are you reading?
22. Only people are sacred, never things
23. You better learn how to wait
24. Really not concerned with pleasing my congregation
25. You say you don’t take it personally, but you do – you do
26. Learnt more about being a pastor by selling paint
27. Most of your parishioners do work harder than you
28. You’re not in charge
29. Screw church quarrels – care for children instead
30. They’ll forgive a lousy sermon but not you missing them at the hospital
31. There is no day off
32. Jim Banks:  never keep a couch in your office
33. Jim Banks:  if you’re not interacting with at least 5 persons a day (face to face) you’re not doing your job
34. Avoid confusing the institution with the church
35. Don’t expect the grass to be greener, or purer -- never found a holy church yet

Rule #1?  Love God and do as you please. 

 Holy Week Services - (pdf) 

Child Care Survey - (pdf) 

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Do you want a taste of the pastor’s messages?

You are invited to go his personal website where you can find copies of his recent sermons:


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